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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
As a first-time user, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the service was phenomenal! The cleaner came early, displayed friendliness, efficiency, and thoroughness, and left everything spotless. Thanks a lot!
U. Clifton18/07/2024
Cheerful service with a positive outlook. Very detailed and thorough cleaning. Despite the challenge, the job was exemplary.
Ruben M.08/07/2024
Dependable, trustworthy, and excellent at cleaning.
Elsie Kent20/06/2024
Fantastic service again. I am very satisfied with Knightsbridge Cleaners's cleaning.
Jim Rolls10/06/2024
Fantastic service! Would definitely recommend. Organizing bi-weekly cleanings was quick and the entire process was smooth.
This top-notch cleaning service is truly exceptional in every way thanks to the outstanding efforts of our diligent and efficient cleaner.
Impressive carpet and rug cleaning service! Exemplary attention to detail, reliable service, and trustworthy cleaners make this house cleaning company a must-try!
Evelyn J.16/04/2024
This flat looks even better than when we first moved in and I am sure this will make it easy for us to get our deposit returned, all thanks to them!
The hardworking team at KnightsbridgeCleaners truly went above and beyond with their deep cleaning services. It was such a relief to come home to a spotless house after dealing with chaos from the bathroom remodel.
Alicia Roland20/03/2024
Quick and trustworthy carpet cleaning services. Would highly recommend.
Yvonne Edwards01/03/2024
Despite my initial reservations, the team delivered outstanding results.
Libby S.19/02/2024
This is an outstanding company that I highly recommend to others. When it comes time for me to get my carpets cleaned again, they will be my go-to.
Jeff Manford09/02/2024
Punctual and dependable cleaning service offered by a reliable cleaner, backed by good customer care.
Sian Doakes30/01/2024
The deep-cleaning done by Knightsbridge Cleaners has successfully removed stubborn dirt and grime from our carpets.
Scott Sanders18/12/2023
The cleaning team has consistently proven their worth, being efficient as well as affable in taking care of any special orders of ours. We definitely know that whatever task is entrusted to them will be completed absolutely perfectly from the beginning.
Anderson Ward06/07/2023
KnightsbridgeCleaners were punctual, polite and thorough with all the tasks they had undertaken.
Hayden Berry03/05/2023
It can be quite a hassle to find the time and resources required to have your upholstery and carpets professionally cleaned, but Knightsbridge Cleaners provides an easy, economical solution that can save you both time and money! Who wouldn't love coming home to clean house? No one should look any further than Knightsbridge Cleaners for their cleaning needs.
World class service and quality carpet cleaning from Cleaners Knightsbridge. They did a bang up job.
Keith Jacks30/03/2018
If anybody needs a hand with the house work hire Cleaners Knightsbridge - they are simply amazing. I just hired this company for the first time, and they have done amazing work of removing dirt and dust. The cleaners were courteous and polite and took time dusting around some of the expensive ornaments and artwork I have. The service was reasonably priced, and one which I will use again, really soon.
Edward Bell13/01/2016
I spent far too long looking for a great cleaning company, but finally came across Knightsbridge Cleaning Service after they were recommended to me by a friend. The house cleaning you get from these guys is absolutely phenomenal, and doesn't brush over a single aspect of what you ask for. Unlike a lot of other cleaners, these guys only use the very latest cleaning techniques and products, and as a result they've always done an excellent job on my home. With great quality and very friendly teams, you can't go wrong here!
Claire B.21/12/2015
I am the manager of a local office building and use the cleaning services of KnightsbridgeCleaners a lot. They are absolute professionals and their services very cost-effective. I've never had any reason to look elsewhere because I'm confident they are the best cleaning company in the local area.
Mr Sharpe 14/07/2015
Never before have I seen every member of the cleaning crew go so much out of their way for a customer. I was moving homes alone and I hired them for an end of tenancy clean. Not only did they clean well, they even helped to fix other minor repairs and works out of the goodness of their hearts. Bless them! I will definitely be using KnightsbridgeCleaners again in the future and would love to recommend them to everyone else as well!
Miranda F.18/02/2015
I wanted to surprise my mum as she had been in hospital after breaking a leg. I hired a professional cleaning company called KnightsbridgeCleaners to completely deep clean the house from top to bottom. The company was fantastic, they got on with the work and knew exactly what to do. The chatty cleaners scrubbed, polished, dusted and vacuumed until the place was spotless. The cost was affordable and my mother was so pleased, she is going to continue with the cleaning service every week.
Dan Mclaughlin24/11/2014
KnightsbridgeCleaners are continuing to do a great job! I had to let my previous cleaner go after he wasn't remaining punctual, meaning that I had to find a replacement. This company was the first one that my friend said he was familiar and happy with so I decided to give them a try. All I can say is that they are not only cheaper than what I was paying the previous one but a lot better! Always on time, always full of energy and just nice people in general! I wish I had called you guys a year ago when I first hired a cleaner!
Charlie K.23/10/2014
A lot of my friends prefer home cleaning on their own, but I personally find that it really tires me out and I don't enjoy the same results that I can get when I hire professional cleaners. On top of that all the health and safety risks with DIY cleaning, not to mention dropping/ damaging things and the ensuing costs! I have hired KnightsbridgeCleaners a couple of times now and the cleaning contractors have always done a first-rate job. Hiring the pros means I don't have to worry about any of the usual problems and risks of DIY cleaning and I would not trade in that peace of mind for anything.
Kate S.19/09/2014
When working in an office, a level of total cleanliness is required at all times, and perhaps this is even more important in a working environment - everything needs to exude an aura of professionalism. We have slowly been working our way through all the office cleaners that are available in our local area, but it wasn't until we found KnightsbridgeCleaners did we know that we had found the perfect company. We have them in at the end of every day just to keep things up to date, and a full clean at the weekend, so that the office is sparkling and lovely to work in, for the next week. Not a bad word can be said about this company, so pleased we found them!
Byron Y.04/09/2014
As far as I'm concerned this company ticks all the boxes when it comes to cleaning. I don't have that large a house but with one child and another on the way I do need help at the minute regarding the house cleaning. I would say I'm also someone doesn't stand bad service from any company so I hired KnightsbridgeCleaners with an open mind but they certainly didn't let me down, or let themselves down I should say. The cleaner that arrived and who I still use now is pretty special. She works so hard and I can't thank are enough for the work she does and am pleased to do so here.
Anita V.13/08/2014
You never really know what you are going to get with a cleaner, and I found that with KnightsbridgeCleaners there was little reason for anticipation. I was impressed by their ability, friendliness and punctuality form the outset, and had no complaints about their prices either! They have been working on our office cleaning for a few months now, and everyone seems to enjoy having them around if they are working late. A great cleaning u=outfit, perfectly suited to our office's needs.
Joyce Coleman31/07/2014
I love being on the farm. I love being around my animals and spending any free time riding horses. I hired a cleaner from KnightsbridgeCleaners because after all of the mucking out and all of the time spent on the farm; my house was getting very dirty. My cleaner comes twice a week and gives everything a thorough clean so it's always ready to entertain guests. The price of this company amazed me when I first enquired because I heard such great things about them and I was expecting some sort of designer price tag but that wasn't the case thankfully.
Daisy F.16/07/2014
Many cleaning companies can fail to make the transition from domestic or residential cleaning into a commercial, corporate or industrial environment. I have to commend all of the staff at KnightsbridgeCleaners for providing a quality cleaning service at a range of pricing structures and, above all, for providing a fantastic cleaning service whilst causing minimal disturbance to any employees or to a busy work environment. That is not to suggest that it is an unfriendly visit, but they are able to work around people so business can continue as usual instead of waiting for the cleaners to finish. Thank you.
Dawn Nicholls30/06/2014
I wanted my furniture cleaning as the upholstery was looking a little bit dirty. We had two small children and two dogs, so the furniture got a lot of use on a daily basis. I was given a name of a specialist cleaning company who were new to the area. KnightsbridgeCleaners were easy to deal with from my first call. The office staff explained that the cleaning would be done using environmentally friendly products and the cleaners would make sure our furniture wasn't too delicate for the technique. The results were unbelievable, the furniture looked like new and smelt fresh and hygienically clean.
Bennie Bradley12/06/2014
I am rather protective of my rugs. I am something of a collector, and I like to show them off around my home. It is however inevitable that they will deteriorate underfoot so I have them cleaned regularly. I did struggle to find a company that really seemed to care about what they were doing and really make an effort to achieve some quality results, that was until I stumbled across KnightsbridgeCleaners a while back. They have done pretty much all the rugs I own now, and will continue to do so. Their team are professional and really conscientious.
D. Deeble30/01/2014
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