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Which Stains Might Need Professional Help?
01 May 2014
Which Stains Might Need Professional Help?When it comes to stains in the home, there are so many different possible causes and possibly even more possible solutions. This is one of the reasons as to why so many people turn to professional help when it comes to getting the best in domestic cleaning, as going about the stain removal in the wrong way can be just as damaging as the stain itself. But when it comes to figuring out how difficult of a task lies ahead, there are certainly some stains which are worse than other. Read on to discover just some of the more difficult stains which will be demanding professional attention when it comes to getting your home as clean as possible. Motor OilWhile it may appear to be an uncommon feature around most homes, motor oil can become a problem when you least need any other issues. For the majority of people the only time when you might come into contact with the substance is when you have the bonnet of the car open, and the only time when you have the bonnet of the car open is when something has gone wrong. The scene is easy to imagine: you have lifted up the bonnet to try and figure out the issue which has made you late for work. You give up, go inside to call the repair company and before you realise it there are oil stains from your hands on the sofa. Rare enough, but tough to deal with, motor oil is a difficult stain to shift. WineOften thought of as one of the worst stains around, red wine is one of those things which we all know the risks of but still continue to suffer through. The issue with red wine is that it is so often enjoyed in relaxing circumstances. Curled up on the sofa with a glass as you relax, a few glasses in and your judgement is becoming a little squiffy. Before you know it, your wrist has slipped and there is a little dot on the carpet. BloodWhile it might seem macabre, blood stains are more common than you might think. While not typically the spillages you might see in a movie, a paper cut can cause dribbles and marks to be left behind before you know it. On top of that, bloodstains so rarely look like blood, with the rusty brown colour difficult to determine at first making it difficult to treat properly. Cooking oilCooking oil stains can quite often crop up around the kitchen and serving areas. Olive oil can leave marks in carpets and upholstery and finding a way to deal with them properly can be tough. Because of oil’s natural resistance to water, many people find that their initial efforts are rebuffed and the stains can be worked deeper into the fabric before a proper solution is applied. This can make problems far worse than they might initially appear. CoffeeIn a similar fashion to wine, coffee is typically enjoyed during moments when our judgement might be a little crowded. Whether it is the first cup required in order to make it out of the haze of having just woken up or the third cup which has led to a touch of the jitters, many coffee drinkers find their coffee spills coming at the worst possible times. Clay/mudA familiar sight to anyone in the countryside, mud trodden into the home is not always a terrible issue. However, there are certain types of mud which – when trodden into the home – become a far bigger issue. Clay in particular can be tough to shift and is one of the primary reasons for people to turn towards professional carpet cleaning services.