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How To Clean Things That You Normally Forget To Clean
12 November 2014
How To Clean Things That You Normally Forget To CleanYou may be all over the internet looking for tips for cleaning your home and calling up a number of cleaning companies to get affordable quotes, but whether you are doing a professional or do-it-yourself home cleaning, there are some things that everyone misses to clean. If you have kids in the house or are allergic to dust or simply a clean freak, you might want to remember these articles and put them on your house cleaning list the next time you are at it. In this article, we will discuss why we overlook these items and how to clean them. 1.    Ceiling FanOne of the most common things to go out of sight and out of mind is the ceiling fan right above your head. It stays up there, accumulating dust and spraying it all over your room when you switch it on. This is why you need to clean your fan thoroughly every season. Get a screwdriver, a vacuum, a step ladder and other cleaning supplies and you are ready to begin work. Turn the fan off and place the step ladder just below the fan. Using a screw driver, unscrew the motor cover and use the blow function of the vacuum to remove the dust and debris from the electrical. This is essential because accumulation of dirt will slow down the motor function. Use a moistened newspaper to wipe down the blades. Once you have blown away the dust, use a rag sprayed with any domestic cleaning product appropriate for metal surfaces and paint and wipe down the stalk, blades and cover. Never spray any cleaner in or near the motor. If you find it difficult to clean your fan while standing on a ladder, unscrew the top attachment, bring it down and clean it, then hang it up again. Occasionally, if there is dirt and grime you can’t get rid of, consider using an anti-grease formula or repainting the blades.2.    Clothes HamperYou might be a stickler for clean clothes, but how often do you clean your clothing hamper? Your laundry basket receives the worst of your dirty clothes and is cleaned that much less. Of course, cleaning it is not a huge hassle, but it depends on the kind of hamper you use. If yours is a cloth hamper, simply put it in the wash or scrub it with some detergent solution and rinse it. If it is made of plastic or some similar material, spray some all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant on a piece of rag and wipe down the empty hamper. To keep your hamper from getting smelly again, pour some baking soda into the hamper after loading in your dirty clothes. 3.    Coffee MakerThe reason that many of us put off cleaning the coffee-maker is possibly because we are always brewing something in it. Even if you do care to remove the filter, there is always some residue left in the nozzle that keeps building with time. I know it sounds disgusting when you think that your freshly brewed cup of joe passes through that every time. All you need to get a clean nozzle is use the multiple-uses domestic cleaning product – white vinegar. Mix vinegar and water in the 1:2 ratio and pour it in the reservoir. Run a pot as normal and allow the vinegar to stand for sometime after it has completed. Then run two more pots of just water to rinse the vinegar out and you will have a clean coffee maker to go!

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