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Cleaning Before Moving House
21 July 2014
Cleaning Before Moving HouseWhen it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, there are a great many things that you need to consider. You will naturally find that there are a load of things that you need to get done in advance if you are going to move house successfully, but the cleaning should always come last, and there are a few reasons for this. The following points are intended as a base from which you can ensure that you are getting your cleaning done efficiently and successfully, without any trouble or difficulty in the meantime. You will find of course that your situation will be different to other people’s and this means that you need to work out how to make these ideas make sense for your removal.-    Cleaning as the last thing is essential, as it means that the whole property will be free of your belongings. You will find that this is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your things being out of the house mans that you are less likely to miss a spot, say under a sofa, or behind a stack of boxes. If the room is empty, then all you have to do is clean the room itself. If the room’s full of things, then there will be less likelihood of getting the room cleaned as there will be so much stuff in the way. -    The second reason for cleaning last is that you will have a much easier time of it! Cleaning the inside of an empty box is much easier and quicker than cleaning the inside of a box that has things in it, and given that the box is your house, it is not going to be a case of just taking things out of the box... If you are doing the job yourself then it will be faster and easier, and if you are having a cleaner round to do the job then it will be quicker, which means it will be cheaper, either way, you come out on top!-    It is highly recommended that you get the cleaning done professionally, simply so that you can guarantee that the job is done right. This will essentially mean that you are at much less of a risk of having parts of the house missed, and that will ensure that your landlord has much less to complain about, if anything. Landlords are notorious for taking much more than they need form your deposit if anything is left less than spotless, so you need to be very careful to ensure that you don’t fall victim to this trap. -    Having the cleaning done by a cleaner also means that you have time to work on other things, and to ensure that the removal is going to go ahead easily. Leaving everything to the last minute will mean that you are up against it in terms of getting things move out, and then having to hand over the keys, but if you have a cleaner, then they can be sorting it all out whilst you getting other things done. You need to avoid a situation where you have three hours after the contents of the place have been removed in which to clean the place, but also have a tone of other bits and pieces to sort out. If you have not booked a cleaner at this point, then you are going to be in some serious trouble!- That said, keeping calm and collected will always be better than panicking, so relax!

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